Causes of Lung Leaking

Lung leak is a dangerous condition. If you have experienced severe chest or shoulder pain, shortness of breath, a rapid heartbeat, and skin turns bluish due to lack of oxygen, you may be experiencing leaky lungs. In the medical world, leaky lungs are known as pneumothorax. If this happens, you can still breathe, but the lungs can not expand normally, so that the oxygen obtained will be reduced. Some Causes of Lung Leaking Every person has a pair of lungs, which function to breathe oxygen to be channeled into red blood cells in the bloodstream. Furthermore, red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, for use in body cells. Leaking lungs cannot be considered trivial. In this condition, air enters the space between the lungs and the chest wall. This air pushes and presses the lungs from the outside, thus preventing the lungs from expanding when breathing. Usually, leakage only occurs in one part of the lungs. As for several causes of lung leak, including: Chest injuries, bo
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